THE PAIN (poem) – AFRICAN KINKY HAIR ( English version)

As I sit on the hard wooden chair

My innermost self is mounted up with fear

As I already see in my mind’s eye

The unending pain

I start to breathe heavily like a lion in a race

All around me is filled with horrifying screams and shouts for help like people drowning in freezing ice cold water (at 28.2°F)

Sitting up poised and focused

Seeing the comb pass through my kinky hair, as a sharp knife piercing my scalp

Chocking me as I gasp for air

Ouch! I screamed

Unable to endure the impact

The excruciating pain I felt on my scalp

My scalp began to breathe, affecting my stillness

I wiped my eyes

Whispering to myself

Should I be proud of being an African?

Should I be thankful for the kind of hair that I was birthed with?

– Happy New Year